These 10 jobs can destroy your personal life


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Web Desk: When a person spends more than a third of their life working 40 hours a week, will of course developed some characteristic of such profession.

Not only the positive aspects but you may adopt some negative sides of it. Here are 10 jobs that are a bad influence on our personality.

Military service man

This job cannot only affect a person’s own life but also his family. They can create a strict atmosphere at home. Servicemen become tougher, more cynical and their ability to empathize fades away, with the passage of time. This is difficult for them to stay kind and balanced when it comes to their relatives.


Doctors become more defensive towards their kids. They always try to create a defensive shield around their kids, which can lead to stress and fear.


A certain sense of strictness developed in teachers. They become authoritativeness, conservatism, predisposition to monologues and compliance with formalities.


This job resists them to compromise. They want to be success full so they spend 24 hours in thinking about how to boost business. They even demand that their relatives behave the same. They don’t even know exactly what they want.


Lawyers are always under pressure that can cause depression and anxiety. Lawyers are overloaded and hide health problems so they don’t interfere with their career.


They work with numbers can make them difficult to switch from work to personal life. Meticulousness is one of the features accountants bring into their personal life.


Journalists see unpleasant and horrible things in life that can affect their psyche negatively. Censorship also restricts journalists’ ability to express their point of view and it can be disappointing. They are exhausted due to sleep deprivation.


Many psychologists analyze other’s problem to find the root cause of their own issues.  Understanding someone else problem makes them emotionally exhausted. Psychologists have high responsibility of  providing relief to patients, therefore they have a high fear of making a fatal mistake.


They are always insecure about their income because of uncertainty. They work from home but have no opportunity to switch between a work and home persona. This could influence their life in a very bad way.


They are workaholics. Due to working late night, they have tired appearance in the morning. Permanent emotional tension, a huge sense of responsibility, frequent conflicts with customers, creative crisis lead to depression.

Source: Brightside