Ten people who lost their life due to selfie



Web Desk: Social media are endangering our lives in many ways. Social media scam, fake news, cyber bulling, religious extremism are some of the common threats of using it. Another silent killer is selfie, people today are greedy for getting more and more likes. It can take our life at risk.

Here are 10 people who met their tragic death while taking Selfie.

Francoise Guillaume- Fell in an active geyser

A 68-years old Belgian tourist died after suffering 85% burns. She was taking selfie, but accidently fell backed into an active geyser in Chile.

Sylwia Rajchel- Fell off a bridge onto concrete

Pic shows: Sylwia Rajchel died after she fell from a bridge while taking a "selfie". A pretty Polish medical student died after she fell 15ft from a bridge while taking a "selfie". The victim - a tourist on holiday in Spain - had been trying to take a photo of herself when she slipped and fell, crashing onto the concrete footings of the bridge supports of the famous "Puente de Triana" bridge in the southern Spanish city of Seville. Police said Sylwia Rajchel, 23, from the city of Lublin in eastern Poland, was balancing on the ledge of the bridge when the accident happened just after midnight. Sylwia studied nursing at the University of Medicine in Posada, a village in southern Poland. Her distraught mum Bernadeta, 44, said: "Going to Spain was a dream come true for my daughter. "She had taught herself the language and was hoping to work there in the future after finishing her studies. "She was a beautiful, smiling girl who had her whole life ahead of her. "It's hard to believe what’s happened, that I will never see Sylvia again. "That I won’t hug her and will never be able to tell her how much I love her and how proud I was of her. "It breaks my heart, I feel this is nightmare that is not happening." A city spokesman said: "This was a tragic accident and we are looking to make that stretch of boulevard along the river safer." Medics said that they had managed to revive her at the scene despite the fact that she had gone into cardiac arrest, and she was then rushed to the Hospital of Traumatology where her condition was described as "very grave". Polish media however has since reported that she has died, and her father is already in the country to collect the body. The Triana Bridge - one of the most photographed landmarks in Seville - is a popular haunt for tourists alongside the river. It was built in the middle of the 19th century and is surrounded by bars, restaurants and clubs. (ends)

This 23-years-old medical student Sylwia Rajchel fell 15 feet onto a concrete platform while trying to take a picture on the ledge of a bridge.

Andrey R – Fell off a building


He fell off a ninth-floor rooftop in Russia, he was trying to take an extreme selfie. He was famous in Instagram for doing daring stunts.

Hideto Uedo – Fell down the steps at the Taj Mahal


Japanese Tourist, Hideto Uedo, died while taking a selfie. He fell down some steps whilst visiting the Taj Mahal. He received a heart attack due to fall.

Deleon Alonso Smith – Shot himself

Selfie ds

A 19-years-old Deleon Alonso, from Texas shot himself accidently, while trying to take selfie.

Courtney Ann Sanford – took a selfie whilst driving

Selfie 6

North Caroline resident, Courtney Ann Stanford, 32, died in a head-on collision with a truck after uploading a selfie to Facebook whilst driving.

Xenia Ignatyeva – Fell off a bridge


Xenua Ignatyeva, 17, plunged 30 feet to her death whilst taking a picture on a railway bridge in Saint Petersburg. She was hit with 1,500 volts of electricity.

Kids watch as their parents fall off a cliff


A couple plummeted to their deaths while trying to take a perfect selfie, they lost their footing and slipped off the edge. Their five and six years old kids saw this incident live.

Three student hit by a train

Three students in India were trying to take a daring selfie. They were talking a picture by standing on the train tracks as a speeding train approached and crushed them.

Oscar Reyes – Took part in the ‘selfie olymics’

In 2015, Oscar Reyes, 18 took part in the selfie Olympics, he tried to take a selfie but accidentally fell off her door and injured his head. He died from excessive bleeding.

Source: Viralthread