Steps to read WhatsApp messages without opening them


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Web Desk: WhatsApp is used over 1.5 billion people worldwide. It has become the most used medium of communication.

WhatsApp has incredible features. It has a feature where sender can find out if their messages has been received and then read. The message status begins with single grey tick (when sent), then double ticks (when the message has reached their phone), then two blue ticks (when it’s been read).

If you are one of them who want to bar people to know if you have read a message or if you’re online, i.e if your WiFi or internet data feature in on.

Steps to read WhatsApp messages without opening them.

  • Once your phone has told you a message has arrived, turn off your internet features.
  • Head to WhatsApp and read the message.
  • Close WhatsApp and turn your internet features on again.

In this way, the ticks will remain grey.

The single message can be read by pulling down the notification drawer at the top of your screen.