Smartphone usage makes you ‘hyper-social’ or ‘anti-social’?


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Web Desk: A study of dysfunctional use of smart technology revealed that humans are addicted to their social-interaction, not to their smartphones.

It also suggested that usage of smartphone is not a sign of being anti-social but hyper-social.

A researcher, Samuel Veissiere quoted, “There is a lot of panic surrounding this topic. We’re trying to offer some good news and show that it is our desire for human interaction that is addictive – and there are fairly simple solutions to deal with this.”

Veissiere added that the desire to watch and monitors other, but also to be seen and monitored by others, runs deep in our evolutionary past.

It is also found in the research that the most addictive smartphone functions all shared a common theme: they into the human desire to connect with other people.

Source: Deccanchronicle