Six steps to recognize you have heart disease


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Web Desk: According to a new study, one out of four people die from heart related disease. It is difficult for us to identify that we are one of them or not? But there are some unusual signs that may point to heart disease.

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Creased earlobes

Crease on the earlobes is an external indicator of heart disease. It links with increased risk of atherosclerosis, in this disease a plaque builds up inside your arteries. These creases are also implicated in cerebrovascular disase.

Fatty bumps

It is another external indicator of heart issues is yellow, fatty bumps known as clinically as xanthomas, that can appear on the elbow, knees, buttocks or eyelid.  People with these conditions have exceptionally high levels of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol. The bad cholesterol becomes deposited in the skin and also deposits laid down in arteries that supply the heart.

Clubbed fingernails

This signals you that your heart is not well. In this situation, your fingernails change shape, becoming thicker and wider, due to more tissue being produced. It indicates heart issues because oxygenated blood is not reaching the fingers properly and so the cells produce a factor that promotes growth to try and rectify the issue.

Halo around the iris

Fat growth may also be seen in the eye, as a grey ring around the outside of the iris, the colored part of the eye. The presence of this fatty ring has been shown to be associated with some of the risk factors for coronary heart disease.

Rotten gums and loose teeth

Oral health is a good indicator of your cardiovascular health. The bad bacteria in mouth can enter the bloodstream and cause inflammation in the blood vessels. The tooth loss and inflamed gums are makers of heart disease.

Blue lips

Your blue lips say that you are suffering from heart disease due to the failure of the cardiovascular system to deliver oxygenated blood to tissues. Temporary blue lips are due to lack of oxygen.

Source: Deccanchronicle