Sharif offers appeasement for the sake of national interest


ISLAMABAD: Former Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef said that those who brought the country out from the darkness had to appear in the court and that he was ready to sit with all for strengthening of constitution.

Former premier was talking to journalist outside the Accountability court on Thursday. He Said, “I have no concern with any organization, despite of my services, was recommended to put my name in ECL, all matters seem corrupt.”

Nawaz Sharif complaint, “One who got the country rid of darkness through launching atomic bomb, has to appear in the court.”

Sharif said, “Services of our period are in front of all, prominent differences can be seen after looking Karachi, Punjab and Peshawar, there is a huge difference in the economy of 2013 and today, transparent difference can be seen in all fields.”

He also compared the worth of dollar in 2013 and present times.

He asked, “Why it was necessary to bring change in the Balochistan Assembly?”

“Wajid Zia had been standing for several hours to met Musharraf, he was dismissed from the party’s presidency on the basis of Iqamah and now plans are being made for dismissing him forever on the basis of the same decision. Not a single kind of corruption and allegation were proved, it is a sign mark on the purpose of submitting sub-reference,” he added.

While commenting on the Imran Khan’s Jalsa, he quoted, “Change has already come, previously, Imran Khan did Jalsas at Minar-e-Pakistan but now he did it on street.”

Former prime minister said, “Bilal Bhutto says wrong that N-league stepped back from charter of democracy, in fact, the NRO after the charter of Democracy damaged it.”

While questioned about Sheikh Rasheed, he denied recognizing him.