Sewage poured over unmarried couple for being alone together


Web Desk: Indonesia is an Islamic country where holding illegal relationships are strictly prohibited and those who caught in, are charged with humiliating punishment.

Recently, teenager couple has been filmed having raw sewage poured over their head after they were caught alone together in Indonesia.

The pair of teenagers were accused of violating Sharia law, as a result, they were humiliated publicly in the village of Kayee Lee, Aceh.

They dragged into the street and forced to sit in front of a sewer drain, meanwhile, filthy water were poured onto their head.

Suddenly, the police arrive at the spot after their humiliation began and took them to a police station. Now they may face a sentence of canning, again to be carried out in public, if they found guilty.

During the incident, the crowd shouted, “What you did is against Islam! This should serve as a lesson for you!”

According to human rights activist, “The people who humiliated the couple didn’t get in trouble at all.’

‘The police didn’t crtiticize these people, even though they entered a private home illegally and humiliated the couple in public.’

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