SC dismisses contempt of court case against Nawaz, Daniyal, Saad


ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court of Pakistan dismissed contempt of court case against former Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef, Federal Minister for privatization, Daniyal Aziz and Railway Minister Saad Rafique, Aaj News reported.

On Wednesday, a three-member bench headed by CJP Mian Saqib Nisar, regarding the court contempt case against the leaders of Muslim League.

On the hearing of the contempt of court against the Sharif, the petitioner stated that the Supreme Court that the judicial decision was criticized, and the judiciary was scanned in Islamabad and Lahore Rally.

Chief Justice said, “It’s one’s right to criticize court’s decision, it doesn’t fall in court contempt but fall in comment on court’s decision. It is perhaps insulted at any other place that the material you presented is not political insult.”

During hearing, applicant Sheikh Ahsan-uddin quoted, “Nawaz said that court’s verdict hurt the sentiments of 20 crore masses. On the response of which Justice Ayjaz ul Ahsan asked, “Did party manage to win 20 crore votes? It’s a matter of court grievance”

On which Ahsan uddin said that court grievance also had some boundries. On which Justice replied that our limitation is more than yours.

Applicant said, “Nawaz Shareef scandalized court verdict in his rally.”

Saad Rafique said, “It is not accountability, but revenge, the matter will go so far, if eligibility game started again.”