Politicians commend ECP for taking notice of horse trading allegations in senate election


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PESHAWAR: The politicians and lawmakers of Khyber Pakthunkhwa here Friday commended Election Commission of Pakistan for taking serious notice of the allegations of horse trading during senate elections and demanded strict action against all those elements who sold their conscious for monetary gains.

They termed horse trading a “cancer” for democracy and urged political parties, an FIA and other investigative agencies to help Election Commission of Pakistan to unmask the parliamentarians who sold and bought votes besides shattered the confidence of their electorates.

Chief Election Commissioner, Justice (R) Sardar Raza Khan has taken serious notice of reports of horse trading during Senate election and asserted that selling and buying votes was a crime.

Saleh Muhammad MPA told APP that ECP has taken right decision and the entire nation was looking towards probe’s findings.

The PML(N) leader said it was the responsibility of ECP and political parties to block the ways for horse-trading and ban all those political elements who sold and bought votes for monetary gains.

He said the massive horse trading during senate election has deprived Pakistan Muslim League-N, which was enjoying majority in the upper house of the Parliament, to elect its Chairman and Deputy Chairman Senate besides exposing hallow slogans of opposition of pursuing politics of principles.

He said it was an established norm in the parliamentary politics that political parties with majority votes were asked to elect leader of the Houses for bicameral legislature.

However, the PML(N) that attained significant majority in the recent Senate election was deprived to elect its Chairman and Deputy Chairman Senate.

PML(N) and its allies enjoyed support of 48 senators in the Upper House of Parliament where the PPP stood at second position with 22 senators and PTI at third with 12 senators and still it could not secure win.

He said it has raised many questions on Senate election’s procedure and results besides exposing Zardari-Imran tall claims of politics of principles.

The interest of small federating units and people could only be protected when an upright and honest parliamentarian reaches to the Parliament and plays an active role in legislation for the benefits of common man, he said.

To avoid horse trading and smooth running of the Upper House, he said PMLN leadership had forwarded the name of former Chairman Senate and veteran politician, Mian Raza Rabbani being the most suitable candidate for the Office of Senate Chairman that was unfortunately not supported by the PPP Co Chairman, Asif Ali Zardari.

In 2015 Senate elections, he said, former Primer Nawaz Sharif had also agreed upon the name of Mian Raza Rabbani for the slot of Senate Chairmanship as the PPP was in majority at that time.

He said PMLN accepted the mandate of PTI and PPP in KP and Sindh after 2013 general elections and allowed them to form governments in respective provinces.

However, he regretted that opposition parties including PPP did not reciprocate to the good-well gesture and the rich traditions set by PMLN leadership and supported an independent candidate elected from Balochistan.

He questioned that how could a political party with four to five seats in the KP assembly manage to elect their two senators from KP, adding senate election has exposed all those political elements who sold their conscious.

It was evident from our history that political forces were equally responsible for damaging and derailment of democracy, he added.Â

He also suggested amendment in the procedure of conduct of Senate election in order to avoid horse trading in future.

ANP leader and former Provincial Minister Wajid Ali Khan appreciating ECP for taking notice of horse trading in Senate election and demanded its thorough investigation.

He said proof of horse trading in Senate election can be easily obtained as how a political party with four to five MPAs got elected two senators in KP. He said it was test case for ECP and the entire nation was looking for results of the probe.—APP