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Web Desk: A 15-years-old Anna Hankins is suffering from a rare, incurable genetic disorder that makes her starving constantly.

In her childhood, she pinched food from her parents’ plate and ate entire cookies in one go. At the age of two, she was diagnosed with Prader-Willi Syndrome. Gradually, her hunger became so extreme. Her parents had to lock fridge and cupboards to stop Anna from over eating.

According to her mum, “We would get up in the morning and in the middle of the night she had gotten up and made a whole cake.”

‘If you’re not looking at the food on your plate she would reach over and grab some.’

Her first words out of her mouth were, ‘I am hungry’. She got bigger and bigger at time.

She even got into garbage in search of food.

Now she was put on special diet that includes vegetables, a little bit of meat, rice, fruit and vitamin supplements. But she can’t lose her weight because of not properly break down of food.

Recently, she loves competing in pageants and was recently crowned queen in an event celebrating women and girls with disabilities.

Anna Hankins crowned pageant queen. See SWNS story NYHUNGER; A 15-year-old girl who weighs 380lbs due to a rare condition which makes her so hungry she rifles through BINS in search of grub has been crowned a pageant queen. Anna Hankins has Prader-Willi Syndrome, an incurable genetic disorder which causes low muscle tone, short stature and chronic eating. The ninth grader was born prematurely and underweight, but as a toddler developed an insatiable appetite and was diagnosed with the condition aged two. She would pinch food from her parents' plates, could eat a whole pack of cookies in one go and even rifled through the trash in search of grub. It became so extreme that her parents started locking the FRIDGE and closets to stop Anna raiding them. The teenager, of Louisville, Mississippi, is now on a 900 calorie-a-day diet but because her body does not break down food properly, she cannot lose weight. She needs oxygen to help her breathe and is unable to dress herself of tie her shoelaces because of her size. Her mum, bank branch manager Jennifer Hankins, 37, said strangers stare and kids ask why she is 'fat'. Despite her health issues, the brave teenager loves being center stage and was recently crowned queen in a pageant celebrating women and girls with disabilities. Precious photos show Anna grinning as she is crowned Mississippi winner, and she is set to represent her state in the national Miss Amazing content in Chicago in August.

In the national Miss Amazing contest in Mississippi, Anna picked up a sash and a crown, after getting glammed up in a pink satin dress.

Source: Metro.co.uk