Mercede’s seats are not leather but plastic



Web Desk: A driver purchased a nearly-new E-class Mercedes for £32,674, but later he discovered that the leather seats in his expensive Mercedes are partly fake.

He sent a sample of car’s leather seats away to get tested and found that the middle of the seat was genuine ‘bovine’ leather, but the rest parts were polyurethane backed by layers of woven textile.

Earlier, the brochure claimed that the leather seats were standard. Following the lab tests by the Leather Technology Centre in Northampton the driver has since had a full refund and has bought an Audi A7, with real leather seats, instead.

The Mercedes spokesman quoted, “As standard, the E-Class SE has leather upholstery, which means the main surface area of the seats is covered in genuine leather. Some parts of the seat – the sides, and underneath – are upholstered in a synthetic material. We are investigating altering the wording in our brochures to ensure this is made clearer.’

Source: Dailymail