Love has no boundary, this California woman proves it



Web Desk: A 41-years-old California woman Adriana Peral left everything to marry 25-years-old Indian farmer, Mukesh Kumar.

From US To India

In the present times when everyone wants to settle abroad, this NRI woman left America and settled in a village in India.They both have different language, culture and age but their love has no boundries.

It all started when Mukesh, a resident of Popran village in Karnal district, found her on Facebook and became friends.

They chatted for nine days on Facebook and then exchanged their phone numbers. Mukesh is not good at English but still he managed to share his feelings to her but she didn’t reciprocate. But later she also confessed her love for him and ignored every difference.

Left Everything To Be With Him

With the passage of time, their love grows stronger and stronger.

She was afraid to disclose her relationship to mother and daughter, one day she took a flight to India on August 16 last year.

She left her comfortable life and her 25-years old daughter just to be with him. Now she is leading a simple house wife life and doing work such as cleaning floor, collecting cow dung.

Source: Viral.laughingcolours