Landslide, roof collapse kills 13 in Diamir, Sukkur


—File Photo

ISLAMABAD:  Pakistani officials say 13 people have died in two incidents,  a landslide in a northern region and a roof collapse at a warehouse in the south.

Mohammad Tariq, a deputy administrator in the northern Diamir district, says six perished under a landslide that took place near the village of Fugage.

Villagers were clearing mud and bricks on Wednesday that had blocked a road in the mountainous area from an overnight landslide when a second landslide was set off, killing six of them and injuring a seventh man.

In the southern city of Sukkur, a warehouse roof caved in on Wednesday, burying about 40 workers. Police officer Mushtaq Jatoi says seven died. He says 28 injured workers were rescued.

He says a search for other victims is still underway.