Is Model Katie’s home haunted?


-Daily Mirror

Web Desk: Paranormal activities are really horrifying. But if such things started happening in your home? Recently, British model Katie Price posted some horrifying pictures on her official Instagram account.

Reportedly, she even hired ghosthunter Lee picture of what seems to be a ghostly child standing by the wall. She captioned the picture, “Omg so shocked to capture so much with just a phone for a camera when Ghost Hunting with Lee Roberts around my house! So many ghostly figures and strange apparitions, some we could easily explain, but these are some of the best ones”

She uploaded another picture in which there is a creepy outline on her mirror and captioned, “I took this of my mirror when in my bed looks like a profile of a demon what do you reckon ?”

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Then she shared another picture to give a better clarity and quoted, ““I can see a massive face in this too actually looks like me! I have so much footage and pictures! I’m so not scared but want to no more”

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Source: Indianexpress