Instagram helps to recognize cheater husband


Web Desk: A woman noticed her home in the background of one of his student’s photos and discovered that her lecturer husband was cheating on her.

A 19-years-old girl posted a picture of her on Instagram, in which the lecturer wife noticed the flat of her. Earlier the wife Anna suspected that her husband Dmitry was not faithful with him after noticing he kept liking photos posted on the social media by student Emilia Ignatova.

Then she made a quick appraisal and found images of Emilia in which she wearing her clothes and playing with her pet cat.

In one of her image, she captioned, “Yet another breezy day to pay my university debts.”

Wife discovers husband is a cheat after spotting their home in girl's Instagram photos

The photos were taken when the wife was away from home visiting her mother’s house with their child. When husband got to know that he has been caught, he deleted his Instagram account and Emilia made her own page private.

Later, the husband admitted to having an 18 month relationship. And also threatened her wife, “I’ll destroy you, I’ll bury you, I won’t care that you are the mother of my child.”