Ice cream without any drip has been created



Web Desk: According to the scientists’ new claim, they have created an ice cream that don’t melt or drip. The experts say that old banana skins have tiny fibres, known as cellulose, that can be added to ice cream to make it creamier, tastier and long lasting.

The natural fibre is thousands of times thinner than the human’s hair width. This can add more taste to your ice cream and help you to get rid of unwanted fats.

A research team from Cananda found that adding the tiny fibres can extend shelf-life and even get rid of unwanted fats. It suggests that cellulose nanofibres extracted from banana waste. This could improve ice cream in multiple ways.

Researcher Dr Robin Zuluaga Gallego said, “In particular, the fibres could lead to the development of a thicker and more palatable dessert, which would take longer to melt. As a result, this would allow for a more relaxing and enjoyable experience with the food, especially in warm weather.”

Source: Deccanchronicle