Here is why gold is forbidden for men religiously and scientifically



Web Desk: Allah created all the rules that are in the best interest of people, because Allah knows better what is good and bad for us. One thing we should consider that there is a reason behind any Allah’s law.

We all know that gold is something that is wear to enhance beauty, therefore man do not need to wear it. A woman needs to adorn herself so as to make herself attractive to her husband, thus creating a bond between her and her husband. Being brought up with adornments and softness is only appropriate for women, as for men, it is something blameworthy in their case.

Hence Allah says, “(Like they then for Allah) a creature who is brought up in adornments (wearing silk and gold ornaments, i.e. women), and who in dispute cannot make herself clear?”

Gold is suitable for women’s nature. Prohibition on gold and milk for men is decreed so as to block the means that may lead to men imitating women.

Scientifically, science facts prove that this prohibition is reasonable. Some physicist found out that gold atom can actually migrate to inside of our body, and mix with blood cells. This transmission leads to give a high level of metal to men’s blood and can increase the level of metal in blood stream and results in Alzheimer later.

According to experts, Gold will begin to oxidation and produce some of the compounds, which can impact male gonads and may induce sexual dysfunction. And even a small quantity of gold oxide is enough to damage the normal functioning of male gonads.

Other metals like silver, platinum are not easily get in to men’s body as gold does.

On the other hand, it doesn’t affect the females negatively because female gonadal system better able to withstand the impact of the outside world. Allah may make the women’s body that can resist gold transmission in body or Allah make any other system to cleanse the metal from their body.

Source:, Neurotherapyofchristianbrain, Healthylifejournal