Here is the first American TV reporter to wear hijab



Web Desk: Tahera Rahman gave her first on-air broadcast as journalist for American news channel, WHBF, a television station covering the Quad cities region in Illinios and Iowa.

She is declared as the first full-time broadcast TV reporter in America to wear a hijab on the air.

Rahman lives in Davenport, Iowa. She had worked at the station for about two years as a producer.
Some people argued that America wasn’t ready to see a hijab wearing news anchor. She proved them wrong by coming up on-air at WHBF.


Now, people are considering her an empowering role model for women and girls.

Rahman quoted, “People from Mexico, Sweden, Eastern Europe telling me that they all stand behind me and are cheering me on … And then people from all over Iowa who have invited me to have dinner with their families and speak with their daughters. Simply incredible. I feel so grateful for all of it.”

Rahman hopes that her act will help those Muslim women who wear hijabs. She wants people to know that just because a women wears hijab doesn’t mean she is oppressed in any way.

Source: Today