Findout why a man landed from flight after receiving his wife’s voicemail?


Web Desk: A man Kevin Krim landed at JFK Airport in New York when he found his wife’s voicemail screaming that his children were murdered. He also received texts, emails and missed calls from concerned family and friends.

During the flight, his wife Marina had come home to their apartment in Manhattan to find the lifeless bodies of two-year-old Leo and six-year-old Lucia.

Mom also found a knife in the sink, that the Nanny used to slit her own throat but failed to do so.

Mrs krim said, “It’s the worst thing imaginable. I was hoping it was a nightmare, but it wasn’t.”

FILE- In this March 8, 2013 file photo, Yoselyn Ortega, center, charged with the stabbing deaths of two small children under her care, is escorted to her seat for her first court appearance in New York. Opening arguments begin Thursday, March 1, 2018, in Ortega's murder trial in the Oct. 25, 2012, deaths of siblings Lulu and Leo Krim. (Susan Watts/The Daily News via AP, File)

Nanny Ortega admits killing the two children in October 2012 by stabbing them to death. Her lawyer says that she is mentally ill to be responsible for what she did. They have said that killings were an act of madness.