Even Qatar horses get their own 5-star resort


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Web Desk: The horses in Qatar are spending time in a resort. The resort has a swimming pool, beauty parlor, gymnasium, personal trainers and maternity unity.

The resort is in Qatari capital Doha, here the horse experienced a refined lifestyle that more closely resembles a five-star spa resort than a traditional stud farm.

From leg-stretching gallops on a private racetrack, daily grooming sessions to individually getting tailored fitness programs, the horses enjoy it all, At night or during the desert heat of midday, these thoroughbred beauties retire to spotless air-conditioned stables.

There are 740 horses in resort, Al Shaqab equestrian center. Here is also an equine education department where young kids can learn all aspects of equestrian life like horse riders, breeders and experts.

Here, a swooping white and gray shell encloses both an outdoor arena and, in almost mirror image, an indoor arena for use in summer.

Moreover, Al Shaqab is planning to build a proper 7-star luxury hotel for the horse enthusiasts.

Source:  Deccanchronicle