Dubai Police have arrested a security guard


The Dubai Police have arrested a security guard who stole Dh5 million from a money transport vehicle.
He was reported to the police after stealing Dh5 million from a vehicle that was transporting cash to an ATM in a shopping mall.

An official from the company told International Newspaper that they informed the police about the theft on Saturday. In the details, the Kenyan security guard with an accomplice went to Deira City Centre in Dubai at 10.30pm. He then told his colleague that he wanted to go to the toilet, took the money and disappeared. The police began the manhunt which lasted two weeks. They arrested him at a flat in Al Nahda area in Sharjah. He was apprehended in an apartment, sharing bed-space with other Africans. Police recovered a part of the missing amount from his possession. He told the police that he gave the rest of the money to his partner who has gone missing.

Source: Khaleej Times