‘Aurat March’ a step ahead to smush male dominated society


Twitter— @BinaShah

KARACHI: Dozens of women and men took on the streets of Karachi from Frere Hall to Quaid-e-Azam Museum on Thursday in support of their demands for an end to misogyny, gender discrimination and in opposition of a general attitude towards women, Aaj News reported.

The ‘Aurat March’ held by classical dancer Sheema Kermani focused on serving and establishing a society where women get equal rights as of men. The participants were carrying slogans, demanding opportunities and resources equal in this patriarch lead society.

Speaking on the occasion Kermani highlighted the motive of march, which is to end violence against women, providing protection to workers, labor justice and equal treatment, adding that, the march was conducted to gather and unite women from different parts of life.

The march was attended by members of the Feminist Collective, the Women’s Collective and Girls at Dhabbas.