Armeena tweeted about Sridevi’a death and Syrain massarcre



Web Desk: Currently, Social media is divided between Sridevi’s death and Syrian massacre. Some people are expressing their grief over the death of the veteran actress, while others are calling out the torture of innocent souls in Syria.

The incidents of Sridevi’s death and Syrian massacre occurred simultaneously. There are many posts on social media where people are targeting Sridevi’s fans for not commenting on the death of Syrian kids.

Pakistani actress Armeena Khan used Instagram to express her views on the issue. She quoted, “Hi guys, I feel compelled to say this. To all those who raise a voice for Syria, thank you. This particular cause is close to our hearts. For those that didn’t please don’t feel bad or be blackmailed into thinking that you are bad person. You are not. It doesn’t make people insensitive or non-Muslim for that matter. I know many people working directly with charities FOR victims around the world who don’t pot out statements. I understand there are a lot of tragedies occurring in the world and if we started putting our condolences for everything, our social media would read like a eulogy. Let’s stop inflicting guilt on others. I highly doubt Allah SWT will judge a persons character for the number of social media posts dedicated to atrocities. Let’s live and let live guys. Peace out.”


In her another tweet, she ask to raise awareness over Syrian issue.