Aamir khan trolled by a journalist but supported by Javed Akhtar



Web Desk: Twitter has become a platform where people debate with each other and try to prove their point. Even celebrities are also trapped into this twitter game. Communal debates are causing irreparable damage to the nation, but there is no stooping to them.

Aamir Khan’s role in Mahabharata has become controversial in India, people are questioning the decisions of the makers to choose Aamir Khan, ‘a muslim’, play a role in it.

A journalist French Francois Gautier, who is residing in India, used Twitter to express that he is not happy with the Mahabharata casting decision. He tweeted.


Javed Akhtar took a stand and supported the decision.  

But it did not end here.

Responding to which, Javed said.  

Source: Indiatimes