A 18-years was killed by friend for speaking English only


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Web Desk: A 21-years-old Mohammed Amir Abdul Wahid Rahin stabbed 54 times his 18-years-old friend Mohammed Afroz Alam Shaikh in Mumbai’s Bandra, for only speaking English.

Rahin stabbed him 54 times, in a fit of rage, for being mocked by the latter. He got fed up with everyday mocking by Shaikh for his lack of knowledge in English.

Shaikh knew that Rahin don’t understand English, still he continued speaking in English with him.

Then Rahin plotted the murder, he took Shaikh out for a drink, but when the victim went to toilet the accused followed him and slit his throat with a knife and stabbed him multiple times.

Rahin himself went to police station and confessed his crime.

Source: Indiatimes