10 killer freshwater fish species


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A range of truly terrifying freshwater fish haunt the lakes, rivers, and inland swamps of the Earth, not only in the tropics, but even in temperate zones.

In this account, we learn about the worst species to meet while swimming in a lake or river and here they are.

  • Wels Catfish

catfish 10

Wels catfish lurk on river bottoms and work their way slowly through their aquatic habitat, striking when the moment is right to take prey ranging from waterbirds and mammals to other fish and amphibians

  • Goliath Tigerfish

Tiger fish 9

Goliath Tigerfish are aggressive, enormous characins, a taxonomical category that places them in relation to both piranhas of popular legend and the tiny neon tetras of the aquarium trade

  • Freshwater Stingray

Sting ray 8

Too enormous to readily fully imagine, the Freshwater Stingray species Himantura polylepis is a relatively recently discovered monster fish that may measure over 14 feet in length and reach more than 7.5 feet in diameter.

  • Muskellunge

Muskellunge 7

The Muskellunge or “Muskie” is a real-life lake monster with a potential length of around 6 feet and a possible weight of nearly 70 pounds in the cases of the largest specimens.

  • Goonch Catfish

Goonch Catfish 6

Simply awful to look at and enormous in its might, predator habits, and size, the goonch catfish of South Asia may weigh in at over 200 pounds and exceed 6 feet in length.

  • Alligator Gar

alligator-gar 5

Exceptionally successful at mimicking the form of an alligator, this largest of gar species is scaly and robust with powerful, tooth studded jaws that make short work of a wide variety of prey species.

  • Electric Eel

Electric Eel 4

Not actually an Eel, but a type of knifefish, the so-called Electric Eel is a denizen of waterways extending widely across the Northern part of the South American continent.

  • Arapaima

Arapaima 3

Seizing prey both underwater and from the surface, the Arapaima is an inhabitant of river waters and adjacent swamps and forested backwaters.

  • Payara

Payara 2

Sleek, silvery in color and skilled as a predator, this agile species has a remarkable set of dentition that is certain to shock the first time viewer.

  • Piranha 



Piranha 1

These fish are very much carnivorous pack hunters with an unusual combination of both razor sharp, nearly bulletproof dentition formed to a point and a bite force that makes a bench presser look weak.