World’s 6 weirdest protests will drop your jaws



Web Desk: Protest is an act which people attempt to express their disapproval or objection to something. Countries give right to their citizen to associate with others and gather together for common purpose.

Here is a list of the weirdest protest around the world.

Farmers protest by squirting cow milk

Brussels’ farmer adopted a new way to express their displeasure. They squirted milk straight from a cow at riot police. Over 2,500 farmers were angry due to the collapsing of milk price.

Woman protests against sharks extinction by hanging from a boutique ceiling

Alice Newstead pierced her skin with oversized fish hooks and hung from the ceiling of a Paris boutique in a campaign over shark extinction.

Journalist throws both shoes at Bush

Iraqi journalist Muntadhar al-Zaidi threw his both shoes at Bush during a press conference on December, 2008.

Fathers’ protest against custody laws by dressing up like superheros

On October, 2003, divorced dads got on the rooftop of London’s Royal Courts of Justice to record their protest against custody law. They were wearing superheroes’ dresses.

Hindus protest against valentine’s day

India’s hard-liner Hindus protested against celebration of valentine’s day. They blocked a road in downtown New Dehli and burnt valentine’s day cards.

Peruvians protest against corruption by washing the country’s flag


In 2000, Peruvians gathered to protest President Alberto Fukimori’s re-election. They washed the country’s flag which was considered that it was tarnished by dirty politics.

Source: Oddee