Why some noises are so annoying?


Live Science

Web Desk: Some sounds like sound of nails on a chalkboard are so annoying. Scientists say that being annoyed by certain sounds comes from high levels of activity between certain brain regions that process emotion and the auditory cortex, a region that processes sound.

A research shows that this ear-splitting noise and crying babies and human scream have the same frequency, which indicates that these sounds are tied to survival.

According to a study, the shape of our ear canals and our own perceptions are the reason of distaste of shrill sounds.

In the study, Participants rated their discomfort to various unpleasant noises, such as fork scraping against a plate or Styrofoam squeaking. The most rated noises were Finger scratching on a chalkboard and a piece of chalk running against slate.

The observers noted their frequencies and concluded that the human ear is mist sensitive to sounds that fall in this frequency range.

Such noises trigger an uptick in communication between a region of the brain involved in hearing and another region of the brain involved in emotion.

Source: Livescience