Why oil pulling is beneficial for us?



Web Desk: Oil pulling is the act of swishing oil (Sesame, Sunflower or Coconut) in the mouth for up to 20 minutes. It can whiten your teeth and boost oral health and also help to fight against harmful bacteria in the mouth. The best time for doing this is morning.

It is safe and effective. People experienced benefits from oil pulling like help with skin conditions, arthritis, asthma, headache, hormones imbalance, infection, liver problems and more. It will also make you ready for the rest of the day by reducing laziness.

It will give you whiter and less sensitive teeth and also reduce sensitivity. It can clean bacteria and infection that can enter through the mouth.

How to do it?

Put 1-2tsp of oil into the mouth, then swish it for 20 minutes. After that spit oil into the trash and rinse it well with warm water. End up the process by brushing your teeth.

Source: Wellnessmama