What are your ringing ears actually signaling?



Web Desk:  Ringing ears condition is called tinnitus that could be a sign of a number of larger medical problems. This can affect adults young or old.

Here are the 7 things your ringing ears are telling you.

Turn off noise

Ringing in ears usually caused by exposure to loud sounds. Therefore, turn that noise down to protect yourself from damaging.

Time for cleaning

Natural earwax can block your ear and make you hear sounds that aren’t there. Therefore, clean your ear to get rid of ringing.

You need to examine your noggin

It is also a sign of concussion including headache, dizziness, and nausea.

See a dentist

A TMJ (temperomandibular joint) is a disorder, occurs where the jawbone connects to the skull, not inside the ear but still cause you to hear abnormal sounds.

Get off pills

Medications can also cause ringing in ears. These include certain antibiotics, antidepressants and overload of aspirin.

Medical checkup

Ringing ear can be a symptom of a medical condition like abnormal fluid pressure in the inner ear, non-cancerous tumor, diabetes or even allergies.

Chill out

Technically, emotional stress is not a cause but it’s like an amplifier on your stereo.

Source: RD