Video: This is how Zayn Malik sings Kailash kher’s song


Photo: FILE

Web Desk: English Singer Zayn Malik has a staggering fan following all over the world. This time, 25-year old singer perhaps, deciding to show some of his love for his desi fans.

Recently, he shared the video on his Instagram page. In the video, he sang song ‘Teri Deewani’ which was originally sung by Kailash Kher. Sadly, Malik failed to impress the listeners.

Although he does try, but his version may not match to kher’s performance.

Watch the video here.

An Instagram user commented, “ lmao of course that too. I respect the fact that he actually tried but tbh it just sounded bad to me.”

Another says, “I’m not surprised at all 😄😄😄 but is he imitating kailash ?”

One comment was, ” I think it’s actually cute that he’s trying to sing Hindi songs knowing the fact that he doesn’t really speak the language 😩”

Earlier, he shared another video of kalaish’s song, “Allah kay Bande”

Source: Indianexpress