Use of flower to decorate your food causes cancer



Web desk: Clean eating posts on instagram pictures of smoothie with flowers decoration on the top but no one noticed that these flowers are edible or not. James Wong a botanist and food writer from London said that ‘clean eating’ instagrammers post images of toxic flowers on food.


Flowers are pretty and look beautiful on food but it is wrong way to present food he tweeted that if someone is not sure about something is edible or not, just avoid that food.

He further said that if something is eaten for many years and has no medical side effects that it probably safe to eat.

Flowers such as rose, lavender, violas and chrysanthemums are safe to consume because they are edible and grown for eating too.

And flowers like oleander (found in india) , daffodils, lantanas and foxglove are poisonous and cause vomiting, food poisoning, dehydration, liver failure and even death.

Source: Hindustantimes