Top 9 unusual plastic surgeries of all time



Web Desk: It is a trend nowadays, to go through several surgeries to enhance features and make appearance better. Whereas, plastic surgeons are always ready to offer their clients some new ways of changing the appearance that meet the latest fashion trends.

Have a look at 9 unusual plastic surgeries that are becoming popular.

Hair transplantation

It can be done on the whole body. Now surgeries enable you to increase and decrease the amount of hair.

Implantation of muscles

If you want to look fit without going to gym, this surgery will implant muscles.

Creation of dimples

Surgeries can create dimples on your cheeks but it is a irreversible process, you cannot remove them once the surgery is done.

Changing the lines of fate

Surgeons offer to change the line on their palm by drawing whatever the patients want.

Shortening toes

Surgeons offer to create comfortable insoles that always be with you. In this method, a person’s fat is injected into other soles to decrease the sensitivity. Moreover, to make open-toe shoes perfect, one can shorten the toes.

Changing eye color

Surgeons can implant a silicone prosthesis into their iris of the eyes by making a small incision on the cornea. you can now change the color of your eyes.

Upper lip lifting

A surgery can shorten the distance between the upper lip and the nose.

Hair implantation to lashes and brows

Now you can implant hair from the bottom back part of your head to the lashes and brows.

Plastic surgeries of voice

Surgeons excise a part of the cartilage in the larynx or inject Botox into the vocal cords.

Source: Brightside