Top 8 weird recreational activities of ancient people



Web Desk: Life without computer, internet and smartphone is not boring and it has proved by the ancient people. Both aristocrats and peasants were always ready to have fun but their ways of entertainment were not safe like ours.

Here is the list of 8 such weird recreational activities of ancient people.

Gladiator fights

This game was not only played between man to man and man to animals, but women also played it. However, they were usually viewed as paegniarius (play) gladiators who were mostly entertainers and not real fighters.

Hoop rolling

This game was popular in Ancient Greece. The popular rule of this game was, the player had to throw up a hoop in the air with a stick and catch it with the same stick. There were 2 players who took turns to catch the hoop.

Stick pulling

In the stick pulling game, a wooden stick served as a barrier between participants. Victory was declared when one of the contestants managed to make the other bend the knees.

Phrenology sessions

Skull’s structure was used to study a person’s character. It was so popular among the ancient masses because it could allegedly provide a biological explanation of mental processes.

Giant steps

This type of game is popular among young people. It comprised a post with a moving ring at the top to which several pieces of rope were fastened. But if a player fell off of it, it was possible to be seriously injured.

Freak shows

The previous generations like observing physically-disabled persons and sadly, making fun of them. Freak could earn a lot of money by demonstrating their defects in every corner of the world.

The headless girl shows

Living headless women were known as Olga, Tina and Mademoiselle Yvette. The doctors tried to assure the audience that the women lost their heads in some accidents but they still could move with the help of unexplainable technologies.

Telephone booth stuffing

Youngsters tried to fit themselves into phone booths. They did the same thing with cars.

Source: Brightside