Top 8 unbelievable hacking in the world



Web Desk: There are many hackers who are known for hacking hardest websites, even in a very young age. They do it for fun, curiosity, money etc. Hacking can create billions of damages in the world and spread major panic and annoyance.

Here is the list of top 8 hackers in the history.

Michael Calce


He gained popularity for a series of DDOS attack on multiple famous websites such as, eBay, and Amazon. Then he began operation Rivolta in the aim of shutting down many websites. He costs the US $ 1.2 billion in damages. But his sentence was light because he was only a child.

Sven Jaschan


In 2004, he spread 70% malware online. After being caught, he served a sentence. Then Microsoft offered him a reward of $250,000 for information on him.

Albert Gonzalez


He did a large credit card scam by stealing about $200 million from 170 million credit cards and ATM numbers. He did this world’s biggest credit card theft in only 2 years.



He gained access to Dassault Group computers and stole their information. Then he sold millions of dollars of information to people for money. He costs the company $360 million dollars in damages.

Kevin Poulsen


He hacked radio station’s phone line just to win a Porsche and also reactivated the phone numbers of yellow page escorts. FIB caught him and imprisoned him for five years.

Kevin Mitnick


He had accessed to credit cards of people from all over America, but never stole a single dollar. After being caught, he spent some time in prison, he now works as a security consultant.

Jonathan James


At the age of 16, he hacked into NASA. NASA had to take desperate measures when he hacked them, and they even shut down the entire system just to stop him. This costs them $47,000.

Adrian Lamo


He hacked several websites including Yahoo, the New York Times and Microsoft.

Source: Eskify