Top 5 signs of career burnout


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Web Desk: Doing job without any stress is a myth. Majority of the people feels ‘burnt out’ by their current job and experience high level of stress and anxiety.

Psychologists shared that while depression is a diagnosable disorder, managed by medication and treatment, career burnout can contribute to low mental health that often goes to undiagnosed.

Here are few sign of career burnout.

Insomnia and exhaustion

Sleeping disorder is a clear sign of career burnout. Psychologists suggest that working should have a person feeling energized and that getting a job done should feel rewarding at the end of the day.

No support

Bad management contributes to burnout in the workplace. Professional workaholics are doing more damage than good.

No sense of pride

If a person experiences burnout career, he doesn’t have a sense of pride.

Trying to be perfect

Frustrated people always strive for perfection. Therefore, the person’s concentration fall apart, it gets harder to focus and his every task becomes harder.

No downtime

Spending time for friends and family is the key to achieve work life balance.

Source: Deccanchronicle