Top 5 reasons to stop consuming chicken


Web Desk: Chicken is the most consuming meat worldwide. It is not only cheap but also contains a high amount of protein. But sadly, consuming chicken in excessive amount can be dangerous.

List of 5 harmful effects of consuming chicken

Factory farmed means not good

Factory farmed chickens contain things that you would never want to eat. In the 2000 decade, chicken weigh around 905 grams (roughly a kilogram) alive, but today the same chicken weighs 4202 grams (more than 4 kilogram) alive. It is because chicken has been consuming genetically modified fodder. This makes our stomach weak and damages our health.

Extreme contamination risk

Nowadays chickens are hatched artificially. They are slaughtered within 42 days. Producers use every dirty tricks to make chicken grow to a huge size within 40-50 days.

Reduce antibiotic

Chicken’s fodder and living conditions are so foul that the poultry loses pretty much of all of its nutritional value, instead becomes a carrier of disease. The most common risk of it is E.Coli, a bacteria that reduces the body’s immunity level.

High risk of breast and prostate cancer

Consuming chicken on the daily basis or even after every 2 days, resulting in building-up of arsenic in our body. This can cause breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men.

Gain weight

White meat is so low on fiber but it is extremely calorie-dense meat. You will never feel full and you would have consumed enough for 2 meals at the same time.

Source: HTV