Top 5 craziest ways to contact with dead people


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Web Desk: Our connection with people not only confined to this world, but there is a part of dead people just remain in the world that may be communicate with living. There are some people from the past who adopted delightfully crazy ways to communicate with dead people.

Have a look on such ways in which people have contacted their deceased friends and family members.

Spirit Photography

Technologically, there is a magical machine that takes about five whole minutes for someone to turn photography into yet another way to swindle people.

In 19th century, spirit photography became the trend because people want something to remember their dead loved ones by. This helped them to cure emotional pain.

Edison and Tesla also use telephone for communication

In 1920, Thomas Edison attempted to cold-call his ancestors. He also announced that he build an apparatus for personalities which have left this earth to communicate with us. After a many years, someone figures it out that having a phone that calls ghosts would be useless if ghost didn’t have a phone to answer with, so he went ahead to sort things out on the other side.

Tesla also invented a device that translated electromagnetic waves into sounds, he said,
“My first observation positively terrified me as there was present in them something mysterious, noy to say supernatural.”

Automatic writing was your brain pretending to be a ghost

In the past, people penned down the questions they would like to ask ghosts. In 1913, Pearl Curran became the flesh avatar of Patient Worth, a pilgrim murdered by Native Americans, after she played around with a planchette, she suddenly felt compelled to write the message: Many moons ago I lived. Again I come. Patient Worth, my name.

Victorian Seances were a fun night out

People join hands and starting séances and trying to get in touch with the beyond. This practice is knows as Spiritualism. It is the most common in the 1800s.

Spiritualism, complete with disembodied voices, levitating tables, automatic writing and musical instrument floating and being strum by spirit like a bunch of ethereal buskers.

One Ohio farmer stocked musical instruments because the spirit told him to. And when he started to play his fiddle, the other instrument would rise above the heads and start playing as well.

Ectoplasm was animal mush covered in spit

In ectoplasm , the gooey essences with which the undead inform you of their unfinished business by finishing their business all over your living room.

In 19th century, a Slimer-like ooze would drip out of their orifices, often pooling together to form the faces or bodies of the very deceased they were trying to contact.

Source: Cracked