Top 15 senseless fashion trends


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Web Desk: Haute Couture is a part of fashion world, which refers to the expensive and fashionable clothes produced by leading fashion houses.

Here are 15 crazy and senseless trends the Fashion Industry has up its sleeve.

Shorts over jacket

Blue sweater medley

The twin set

Things Got Weird in a Good Way at 69’s Fall Presentation

White swam

Horrible make up. Maybe she hit a tree when she tried to fly in this feathered mess!

Hat or glasses?

Love this strange, odd hat...or is it a pair of glasses? Weirdness.

Bread dress

5 edible fashion pieces created by Ted Sabarese. Had you even considered dressing up as bread?

Dearest Mummy

Dopada mi se što je takođe nekako minimalan pristup, nema onog indijskog…

Breakfast patterns

This Is What Happens When You Google ‘Weird Fashion’ | The Luxury Spot #imagi-nation

Impressive trousers


Shower cap overdone




Fashionable pinhead

Baseball in style


The shoe show

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