Top 10 mysterious things in outer space


Web Desk: Outer space is really a hard subject and people have been trying to understand it since ancient times. Mathematics, telescopes and satellites are used to study universe surrounding our little blue planets.

But here are many things which have not been solved yet, even experienced scientists are curious to find their answers. Have a look on 10 mysterious facts of outer space.

Zombie Stars

Unlike from others, Zombie stars may only partially explode, keeping their cores intact before exploding several times after until finally dying.


It is the largest star that is 20 times brighter than our entire Milky Way, Scientist are not sure how something could produce that much energy.

Rectangular Galaxy

Astronomers discovered a galaxy in a rectangular shape. Scientists believed that it might be due to gravitational lensing.

The great Attractor

It is a mystery because it is exactly in a spot called ‘The Zone of Avoidance’, it is located in the middle of our galaxy where there is so much dust and gas.


It is believed that Mars had a much thicker CO2 atmosphere. It is a mystery that where did it go? There is also the question that whether the Mars have water and life.

The giant void

Scientists discovered a spot called ‘The giant void’ which is an entirely empty section of space without any galaxy. Scientists aren’t sure what it really is or how it become barren.

Hot Jupiter

Hot Jupiter’s mystery is how they formed and why they orbit so closely to their stars.

Tank on the moon

Scientist have claimed that they had find a tank shaped object on the surface of the moon from an aerial black and white photo.

Black hole

It is a mystery that how does a black hole such up the gas and dust orbiting it when it should just keep orbiting it forever.

Star explosion

Exploded stars turn into giant fireball called Supernovas after explosion. But it is a mystery that how this take place? And what goes on inside a star when it explodes.

Source: List25