This is what happens to the clothes that actors wear in movies



Web Desk: Masses are always curious to know about the celebrities and try to gather every detail of them. Whatever they wear, do and celebrate becomes a trend.

But have you ever wonder, what happens to those clothes that actors wear in movies?

Here is the shocking answer of it, have a look.

Reusing costumes

Reusing costumes

Many of production house store the clothes for future use.

Designers takes it back

Sometimes, these clothes are hired from designers, so they take it back.

How are costume reused?

How are costumes reused? 

Stored clothes are later used in other movies by extras.

Some are re-designed

Some of the costumes are re-designed

Some designers even get the outfits unstitched and redesign it for the same production house.

Some dresses are given as souvenirs

Some of the dresses are given as souvenirs

Dresses are even given to actors or other cast members as a souvenir.

Some are auctioned

And some of the dresses are auctioned

Some outfits become ionic and took the fashion industry by storm. Such dresses are later auctioned to raise funds for an NGO.

Charity donation

Costumes are also used as a charity donation

Costumes are sold to thrift stores to raise funds for charity and church.

Some kept as memento

And some of the dresses are even kept as a memento

Actors sometimes keep the outfits to cherish the role performed by them.

Source: Wittyfeed