This is how facebook reacts on PIA’s ad



Web Desk: Pakistani International Airlines (PIA) hilariously trolled with complaints on Facebook after they put up advertisement on why everyone should fly with them.

The advertisement has a crew member in uniform standing and smiling at the camera almost like she is assuring that this is just the airline to go for the travel in comfort and luxury. The text on the image reads, “OH DID YOU SAY WON”T FLY PIA?”

The post is accompanied with list of reasons why should you fly with airlines. This is the text.

“We are the only to the most international destinations from Pakistan. We are the only airline flying to the most cities in Pakistan, including the Northern Areas and Gwadar. We are the only Pakistani airline to fly big planes. We are the only Pakistani airline with a real business class. We are the only proud carrier of the national flag!! We bring you the hospitality of Pakistan in the skies and greatly value our relationships. So see you soon aboard PIA ?? We are and always will be “Great people to fly with” #FlyPIA #PIAluvsU #FlyingHigher”

Here are the hilarious comments of Facebook users on the ad.

A user commented, “You are the only airline where when you ask for a blanket to a cabin crew, she answer you… janab yeh PIA ki parwaaz hai apka ghaar nahi.
That’s a real experience on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Lahore a year ago.
So yeah I still would say that I will never fly with PIA again even if I have to pay double for another airlines..”

Another commented, “You are the only airline bleeding it’s country blue. and incurring losses daily to the tune of crores of rupees. You are the only airline that employs 500 personnel for an aircraft against the industry standard of 40 personnel per aircraft. You are the only airline I would not trust on punctuality if I have to catch a connecting flight. You are the only airline where the union rules instead of professionals. Don’t mind, you are a big liability on the national exchequer and the sooner you are privatised, the better.”

one commented, “Lollll.. What a thing to be proud of “we are the only airline that flies to most cities in pak”….. Bhai you are the national carrier. Bara ehsan hai awam pe jahaz ka fare le k rickshaw ka safar karwana.”

“You might be whatever you think you are but i dont want to fly with you until you teach your airplane crew how to treat your customers and how to give them respect,” another user posted.

“While everyone is bashing the airline, I do want to tip my hat to the community manager who is responding to each & every toxic comment in a positive manner. You, sir (or madam), deserve a raise!”

Source: Indianexpress