Things that happen when you don’t take shower on daily basis


Web desk: taking bath every day will give you fresh look but wait for a second and think if we not take shower for long time what will be happen. Here are some things may be happen to you if you skip bath.

Itchy skin:

itchy skin

If we don’t take a bath for a while our body secrets oil and dirty skin cause itching in our skin.

Physiological aspects:

depressed man

Taking bath makes you fresh and if we don’t take bath we feel mentally ill and lazy.

You can get sick:


There are thousands of bacteria in our surrounding and if we skip bath keep in mind that these bactaria entered in our body through mouth and eyes and cause illness.

Carry bacteria:


If we skip bathing different bacteria stick to your body.

Skin irritation:

acne on face

Skipping bath also cause skin irritation. If we skip bath your skin get oily and cause blemishes and pimple.

Body smell:

body odor gas mask

Because of not taking bath for a long time your body gives out unpleasant smell.

Risk of infection:


Not showering can cause build up of bacterial and dead skin when it breaks it cause infection.

Dermatitis Neglecta:


It is a condition of a skin when you don’t care for your skin hygiene basically when you skip bath for a long time dark cornflake like scale build up on your skin which is hard to remove.

Bad hair condition:

messy hair

Your scalp gets oily if we don’t take bath daily this causes our hairs to be oily or rough. And also cause itching on your scalp.

Dead skin cells:


Daily we loses 30k-40k cells of our skin and by bathing we wash them all but if we skip bathing it will results dead of rough skin.

source: list25