Things that can be more efficient if used differently



Web Desk: There are many things that are made for one purpose but become more effective for another. You need to turn on your imagination and creativity and try to see the things from different angle. New ideas can make your life easier and sometimes even save a lot of money.

Here are 7 such items you can use in a completely different way.


Due to bad dye, your hair may turn into green. To deal with it, make a ketchup mask. Take a few tsp of ketchup, spread it on your hair, wrap your hair with plastic wrap for 30 minutes. Repeat the process until you get the desired color tone.

Binder clips

You can tame the cord chaos at your desk by using binder clips in a brand-new way.

Olive oilOlive oil can be use to paint leather. If you want make your shoes or other leather looks darker, paint them with olive oil with the help of regular brush.

Wooden clothespin

It can help to keep your fingers safe while hammering a nail.

Muffin tin

Use the muffin tins for sauces and condiments.


You can light up the candle with a stick of spaghetti instead of a match.


It can be used to treat cold and muscles pains. Put a small amount of the ointment on a cotton ball and place it in to your ear.

Other uses

It soothes inflamed pimples

Helps to get rid of mosquitoes and other insects

Treat toenail fungus

Reduce stretch marks

Source: Brightside