These are 9 pressure points to boost metabolism and loss weight



Web Desk: Acupressure means pressing some of the energy meridian points on your body because it can restore the flow of energy and help your body to work better.

Here are 9 pressure points that can help to boost your metabolism and accelerate weight loss. Do these simple massages regularly and spot the difference.

Top of trapezius muscle

Put pressure on this spot for a minute, then repeat on the opposite side of your body.

Nose bridge

Find the acupressure spot between your eyes and nose bridge. Stroke the area leading from your eyes toward your nose bridge.

A dip between your eyebrows

Apply pressure to a dip between your eyes for a minute.


Breastbone is an acupressure point that can help you to restore energy and lose weight. Press the area for a minute.


Pressure the area for a minute.

Abdominal sorrow

These 2 spots are located right under your chest on the area where your stomach is. Massage your belly upward.


It is another acupressure point you should massage daily for at least 1 minute.

Upper lips

Massage the area for a minute.


Feet work well toward better metabolism and health. Massage each acupressure point for the best results.

Source: Brightside