These are 14 ways to create special effects on your pictures



Web Desk: Photography is an art which has become very important in this socializing world. There are certain tricks that can change your ordinary pictures into a masterpiece without any expensive professional equipment.

Here are some creative and amazing photography tricks you must know.


Photographer Irene Rudnyk used a simple strand of Christmas lights to create a wintery lighting effect in her portrait shoot.


Light can change an ordinary image into something absolutely surreal.


lens ile güzel fotoğrafların yanında efektli ve diğerlerinden daha farklı işler çıkartmak istiyorsanız aşağıda kullanılan basit teknikler tam da size göre.


You can easily create an unreal effect with the help of sparklers.


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You can create something very different with the help of cardboard and scissor.

Glass tank

10+ Genius Camera Hacks That Will Greatly Improve Your Photography Skills In Less Than 3 Minutes - Use A Fishtank To Get That Underwater Shot


You can take underwater picture by using a fish tank.

Water splash

Splash en Trio By Dan Desroches | Strobist info; 2x 580ex on side at 1/128 power


For these sorts of water splash you just need black paper, flashlight and a tripod.

Bokeh effect

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Immer schon ein guter Fotograf werden wollen? Mit diesen unbezahlbaren Camera Hacks schaffen Sie es! - DIY Bastelideen


Just cut a small hole in any shape and cover the camera with it, then see the magic.


#15 Use A CD To Create Lens Flares


An old CD can help you to add some highlights to a photo.

Soft effect

Professional photography gear costs thousands of dollars but you can take stunning pictures by spending only a fraction of the cost.


You can use a window to create a softening effect.

Hazy effect

trucos de fotografia 35


To create this effect, just torn a piece of cloth and cover camera with it.

Blurry effect

#37 Use Glasses To Add 'Filters'


Use a glass of jar to create this effect.

Blurry and colorful

#23 Create An Arty Filter With Colored Plastic Bags


Blurry and colorful effect can be added with colorful plastic bags.

Manipulate visual perception

Resultado de imagem para truques de fotografos


This is a simple trick for a sci-fi image.

From above

Attack the camera to the ceiling and use the timer, then take a photo from above.

Shadow effect

You just a strainer to get this strong and sharp shadow effect.

Source: Brightside