These 9 habits can make you a loser


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Web Desk: As cowards create cowards and scoundrels create scoundrels, similarly losers create losers. Therefore, everyone should develop and work on personality. Sometimes a person’s habit can make him loser. Here are 9 principles which are followed by loser people.

Being jealous

Psychologists state that the feeling of jealous is an inability to feel content with one’s own life, because jealous people often don’t really want to possess the things they are jealous of. They are just angry that others can achieve things in their lives and get what they want.

Loving free or cheap stuff

Losers think, “The cheaper, the better!” Cheaper things are not long-lasting. Successful people don’t save money, they only buy necessary things of high quality. As Baron Rothschild’s says, “I am not rich enough to buy cheap things.”

Rejecting other people’s opinions

Losers don’t want to take opinions from other. They believe that they are right and are ready to argue forever. The higher a person’s competencies are, the less they argue and ask others to give opinion.


Losers always postpone things to make their lives into something very boring and dull. Successful people thinks, “If today were the last day of your life, would you want to do what you’re about to do today.”

Don’t know how to communicate

Losers think it is difficult to make relationships with people around them and they always stay arrogant. While successful people don’t miss an opportunity to increase their social circle and try to keep in touch with them.

Giving up on our goals and principles

Losers always blame their fortune, they change their opinion and goals a few times a day. Despite of this, Successful people look for a solution to overcome them, no matter how many difficulties arise.

Not believing in ourselves

Losers find a weighty excuse and not make any attempt to change their life because they don’t trust themselves. Whereas successful people slow down their way to success but don’t stop it completely, at the time of crises.

Comparing yourselves to others

Losers compare themselves with other. Comparing yourself with someone very successful, can make you feel pity for yourself which can slow down your growth. If you compare yourself to someone who is far behind you, then you get an opportunity to make excuses for your inaction.

Successful people don’t compare themselves with other people but with their past self.

Blaming others for failure

Losers try to find someone to blame a person for their failure. Whereas successful people don’t look for someone to blame but try to find solution to the problem to never have it again.

Source: Brightside