These 7 habits can be dangerous



Web Desk: We perform some of the actions without having a single though about it, then it becomes our habit. These habits can be dangerous for us. Therefore, it’s definitely worth considering which of your habits are healthy and which may be harmful.

Have a look at the 7 habits that can be dangerous.

Putting your feet on the dashboard

Sitting in these possible is very dangerous. Keeping your feet up at the face level means that your face will hit your knees if the car suddenly brakes or stops, that can lead to bone fractures.

Taking coffee on an empty stomach

Having a coffee on an empty stomach can cause heartburn and digestion problems. It also releases too much gastric acid which can damage the stomach lining.

Eating popcorn

According to the scientists, popcorn can damage your teeth. In a way that small particles of popcorn get stuck between your teeth and they are also hard to get rid of.

Putting bottle with water in the car

Putting bottle with water in the car is dangerous especially in summer because water in the bottle acts as a lens and if sunlight reaches it, especially if the bottle is on a dark surface, it can start a fire.

 Popping pimples

When you pop a pimple, the sides of the pore get damaged, then it becomes even more susceptible to bacteria and can cause more pimples.

Taking pictures of everything

Trying to capture everything on your camera will actually make you miss a lot of important details.

Don’t put charging phone under a pillow

Putting your charging phone under a pillow can result in a fire. Because it can get fire and increase the temperature level.

Source: Brightside