These 5 things you should avoid doing at night for a healthy hair


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Web Desk: Hair is the best thing that could change your entire appearance. Therefore, you should take good care of it, specially, at night.

Have a look at the 5 things you should avoid doing at night for a healthy and shiny hair.

Sleeping on an old pillow case

You should constantly update your pillow case for a healthy hair. You can also wrap your hair in a silk scarf before bed to protect it from rubbing and keep your hair firmly in place while sleeping.

Using metal hair holders

Tight hair ties with metal pieces can damage your hair while sleeping. Be sure to use a looser, scrunchy-type pony tail holder that doesn’t have any metal parts.

Tying hair too tight

Avoid tying your hair too tight because it can lead to a receding hairline. Therefore, make your pony tail or bun loose and comfortable.

Sleeping with wet hair

Sleeping with wet hair can leave it prone to breakage because wet hair can stretch and broken more easily.

Forgetting to condition

Apply some conditioner at night and let it soak while sleeping. Conditioner is the best thing that can protect your hair and add shines and increases growth, as well as prevent breakage and damage.

Source: Bustle