Six natural ways to increase hemoglobin



Web Desk: Hemoglobin is an iron-rich protein that is present in red blood cells and plays role to carry oxygen throughout the body. For the proper functioning of a body, it’s level should be maintained. It should be ranged from 14 to 18 g/dl for adult men and 12 to 16 g/dl for adult women. Hemoglobin deficiency leads to anemia.

Here are the 7 natural ways to increase hemoglobin level in body.

Consume iron rich food


Eat iron rich food like spinach, beetroot, chicken liver, whole egg, apple, pomegranate, apricot, watermelon, almonds etc to increase hemoglobin levels.

Intake vitamin C


Intake foods which contain Vitamin C, such as oranges, lemon, strawberries, papaya, bell peppers, grapefruit and tomatoes.

Increase folic acid intake


Red blood cell can be increased by taking Folic acid. Good source of folic acid are green vegetables, dried beans, wheat germ, peanuts, bananas, chicken liver.

Apple or pomegranate


Make it a habit to take an apple or pomegranate daily. As they are rich in iron, calcium, fiber and protein, hence, its nutritional value can help increasing hemoglobin and promote healthy blood flow.

Avoid iron blockers


Avoid taking foods that resist body to absorb iron like coffee, tea, cola drinks etc.


Workout is highly recommended to produce more hemoglobin to meet the increasing demand for oxygen throughout the body.

Source: NDTV